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What is the UCSA Co-op. The name pretty much says it all.  It stands for The United Community Services of America Cooperation. Doesn't that sound good? a community of dealers uniting in cooperation for service in America. We are the UCSA Dealers who have united to make a joint stand to help create a better world.

In the past we have had critics that have chosen to make it their life's ambition to tear apart our project by destroying the founder, Dennis Lee's reputation. Dennis has separated himself from the day to day operation of UCSA. The question is, "Who are the victims here?" Our main critic has taken the position that Dennis Lee is out to exploit the UCSA dealer network.  We will see how he responds now that it is UCSA Dealers who provide the products to the rest of the dealer network. Dennis makes no money on the sale of any UCSA product. Our critics say that Dennis put together a product line that is worthless to exploit the dealers.  Now Dealers are supplying dealers.  Would they do that if the products were as the critics say? It you believe that Dennis Lee is a con man, why did he give up any profit from the sale of products? He gave that over to the dealer suppliers! He makes NOTHING on the sale of products.  Do they attack and harass people selling similar products?

The critics say the Dennis sold us dealerships on the promise that he would make us rich on the Free Electricity technology.  That's very strange when everyone that buys a UCSA dealership signs a statement stating they are buying their dealership in order to sell the existing product line, that the Free Electricity Technology may or may not happen and they are NOT buying with any thought of gain from that.  Again, who are the victims of Dennis Lee's con? Are the victims the Dealers? The Dealers bought marketing rights to the products that Better World Technology finds or develops now or in the future.  They still have those rights. Are the victims the public?  If he does not have the technology we believe he has, who is hurt?  The public who agree to be witnesses?  No one ever pays a cent to be a witness, it is and always has been a free gift. So if he does not have it, the witnesses will never get invited to the stadiums and that will be that.  Have they been "conned", have they been hurt? If you believe that Dennis Lee is a con man, then fine, continue to attack him, but what does that have to do with the UCSA dealer network. Nothing!

The Board of Directors the UCSA dealers elected have impeccable reputations. On the board, we have one with a Masters Degree in Computer Science, another who is a Process Engineer, another who is an electrical engineer, a Business developer and motivational speaker, a corporation President, a college professor of economics with a degree in Engineering Technology and Master of Business Administration, A marketing professional and business owner, and a (D. Min.) Doctor of Ministry, (M.A.) Master of Arts, Master of Religious Education, and a M. Ed. (Master of Education),who developed the Marriage Enrichment, Parent Enrichment, and Family Enrichment Programs. This Board will oversee and direct the operations of the UCSA Co-op and insure integrity as we move forward. "Our critics", will be hard pressed to find fault with the UCSA Co-op Board of Directors!


  • WE BELIEVE Big business does not like competition and suppresses technologies.

  • WE BELIEVE We need to stop the suppression of technologies in America.

  • WE BELIEVE For evil to prevail all that is required is for good men to do nothing

  • WE BELIEVE People are paid to harass, discredit and hurt the reputations of people that try to break this suppression.

  • That UCSA has the answer to end the pollution of this world by eliminating the need to use fossil fuels for our energy needs.

  • That someone with a better "mouse trap" really should have the world able to "beat a path to their door"! (and not beat DOWN their door!)

Now, for years Dennis Lee has been attempting to bring out these kinds of technologies.  He believes that he has to do two demonstrations in all 50 states, by inviting 1.6 million people and their friends and families to these stadiums to witness the event.  It is the job of the UCSA dealers to get people to agree to be witnesses and come to the stadiums on the time and day of the demonstrations's. Dennis has set a timeline to get these witnesses.  This is "Plan A".  This is a plan where UCSA will work with the utilities and the fossil fuel people and bring out a peaceful transition away from the use of fossil fuels.  This plan will be one that does not harm the economy in any way. Plan A is good for everyone.  If we, the UCSA dealer network is not successful in getting these 1.6 million witnesses by that date, Dennis will be bringing out "Plan B" which does not require anyone's cooperation and does not protect any economy.  The UCSA Co-op is dedicated to bringing about Plan A as we believe it is vitally important to save our economy from Plan B. Dennis is determined to bring out this technology one way or the other.


For years our "Critics" have been saying that the technologies that Dennis says he has are "impossible"  The Critics get some physicists' to misquote Dennis or misconstrue the science, or take things out of context to discredit Dennis. It is not their job to prove anything, only to discredit Dennis.


This is our challenge to our critics, if they truly believe that Dennis has nothing or the technologies are impossible.


Stop the harassment and help us get the 1.6 million witnesses and let Dennis do the demonstrations in all 50 states this year.  If he doesn't have the technology, let him fall on his face.  If he does, then let's move forward with a "BETTER" way to do things! Otherwise we get Plan B and we don't want that!  Will they do this?  No because they know that he does have the technology and the LAST thing they want is the demonstrations before the entire world!


Dennis has always stated that he needs widespread public awareness and exposure to safely bring out the technology.  His history can be found in his book "The Alternative" and shows why he believes that.  Read his book if you want to understand why he doesn't "just put it on a home and have the media put it on the news" He has been there, done that and was illegally put in prison without a trial to stop him.  You can also listen to a complete history of Dennis Lee and the entire project by Clicking Here. If you believe that people are not threatened, beat up and killed in America to stop these kinds of technologies being brought to you, then you need to do a little digging on your own. You can Click Here  or Click Here to read about some water fuel inventors who were recently threatened.  We believe that Stan Meyers (an inventor who developed a way to run ALL internal combustion engines on water) was murdered. An inventor that was working full time with Better World Technologies died under mysterious circumstances. He was a vegetarian who was in wonderful health.  He was on the threshold of perfecting a revolutionary technology in fuel development when he dropped dead while walking across our parking lot during our dealer training. Our "R" gas expert, Ramone, was murdered. This is just the tip of the iceberg.


If you think Big Business does not take actions against inventors, watch the movies, "Tucker-The Man and His Dream"  or "The Aviator", (about Howard Hughes and how Pan Am tried to keep Trans World Airlines out of the International Market). It was true then and is even more true today.


In conclusion, The UCSA Co-op, network of United Community Serves of America Dealers is very serious about what we believe and we are doing our best to bring forth Unique products, new technologies and innovations to make everyone's life better and to help this country and then the world become a cleaner place for all of us. The UCSA Co-op is here and we are not going anywhere. Thank you very much for reading this DECLARATION. That shows a lot about whom you are and what you want.


For a Better World,


The UCSA Co-op Team

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